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As part of the ANP structure we are always seeking to collaborate and build alliances with businesses that make the difference in our everyday lives. We work in partnership with many services, businesses and clients to bring ideas to you.

We house a dedicated team of consultants, specialist and pioneering inventors to help clients achieve on all projects.

Current projects:

Business development projects | We are working round the clock to develop new business and also assist established businesses and entrepreneurs to introduce sustainable businesses to the market | Ongoing 

Property: ANP are currently working with potential investors on property projects in UK and abroad. | Ongoing

Commercial and Real Estate: We have managed several high profile development behind the scenes.

Manage and Maintenance: Many projects are managed and maintained by the ANP team.

Tech: We have planned created and launched several APPS to the market.

Consumer: ANP continue to launch products into the market.

Media & Entertainment (Film Productions, music, showbiz) Ongoing projects.

Fashion - Ongoing | Launched several fashion lines | 

Recruitment: We set up training to help improve skills for organisation yearly

Leisure and Fitness -  Full management services. Including building new state of the art facility.

Technology: ANP innovation and Anp Media are launching several products during the London 2012 Olympics including Essential and useful gadgets.

Technology - Helping client to create, develop and launch products.

Environmental:  ANP Ongoing

Charity: ANP work with and consultant charitable organisation and fundraisers | Ongoing

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